This week at the Community Market

For the Daily News

The Starkville Community Market is ready for a great Saturday this week at the corner of Lampkin and Jackson Streets.
The Market will be open from 8 to 11 a.m. and will feature vendors selling a variety of goods.
This week at the Market, patrons can enjoy music by Tom Henderson and company.
Henderson is the musical director of the Market and an accomplished area musician. Henderson and his talented friends will play music in a wide variety of genres on Saturday.
When at the Market this Saturday, make sure to stop and shop with this week’s spotlight vendor, Christi Keeton of Christi’s Creations.
Keeton designs boutique clothing and bows along with her daughter, and took time out to answer the Starkville Community Market’s vendor spotlight questions. Here is what she had to say:

How/why did you get involved with Starkville Community Market?

Keeton: “We saw the Market being advertised on the local news and thought it would be a good place to show our work. It is also close to where we live and that was a big plus.”

Why should people buy from local and sustainable producers?

Keeton: “I think that the market is good for the community because it does support local producers and people get to shop in a very family friendly environment just like people used to do before everything became so rushed.
“It does bring the people of the community together in a relaxed and fun way and you get to meet new people.
“Also, the produce is very fresh as most of it is picked that morning, not picked, then packaged and shipped. You can really tell the difference, and it is usually lower in price.
“The growers are there with their families and if you have any concerns about what was or was not used during the growing process they are more than happy to tell you. 
“Because you are seeing the families you realize that you are helping to support a local family, and in turn they are trying their best to bring a quality product at a good price. You are also helping to support the local economy which is important now more than ever.”

What is your most popular product at the Market?

Keeton: “Right now, my summer dress collection is my best seller; we are having a sale on them right now so they are going fast.”

Do you have any special products that you’d like to highlight?

Keeton: “I have just designed and began to sell my MSU outfits for fall, they’re really cute. I will also be designing and selling my fall line.”
What’s one thing Starkville Community Market customers don’t know about you?

Keeton: “I can drive anything with wheels, have driven cross country in a big rig several times and would love to own my own race car — pink, of course.”

What are your future plans?

Keeton: “Due to the encouragement and support of the people who have come to the Market, I plan to further my skills and knowledge in clothing designs and already have projects I will be working on for the market next spring.”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Keeton: “My favorite meal is fried pork chops, boiled new potatoes, green beans, cornbread and sweet tea.”

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