What to expect in Oktibbeha Co. as Irma dissipates

Staff Writer

As remnants of Hurricane Irma move westward, counties in east and northeast Mississippi will experience mild weather through today. 

Science Operations Officer for the National Weather Service Forecast office in Jackson Chad Entremont said as the storm moves toward Mississippi, some counties are going to experience very little wind and rain while temperatures will likely hold in the 60s. 

“We will probably end up setting record low, high temperatures for a good portion of the northern half of the state,” Entremont said.

Mississippi could experience sustained winds in the 20 to 25 mph range, but will only be for counties located near the Alabama state line. There are potential for wind gusts from 30 to 35 mph.

“Overall that’s not very uncommon," Entremont said. “We see these kinds of winds ahead of springtime or wintertime low pressure systems or even behind cold fronts.”

With loose leaves and light rain, Entremont said it is possible for limbs to be knocked loose or for trees to be knocked down due to the wind. He said in order to combat the falling debris is to not park your car under trees and for those who drive a high profile vehicles to be aware because it can be challenging to drive in these conditions.

Oktibbeha County Emergency Management Director Kristen Campanella said its office will not be doing anything out of the ordinary as for operations, but the office will monitor the storm as it continues to move.

Campanella does not expect Oktibbeha County to receive any severe weather, but the only concern is the potential wind.

“That’s probably going to be our biggest threat is the wind just pulling down limbs or small trees,” Campanella said.

The Oktibbeha County Sheriffs Department will have chainsaws ready if there are any reports of fallen limbs or small trees.

Campanella advised residents to bring garbage cans and lightweight outdoor furniture indoors or closer to their homes because the wind could blow objects into the roads, causing a hazard for drivers.

With high winds, Campanella said there is the potential for power outages, especially out in the county, so it is important to be prepared by charging all electronic devices.

Campanella said for every emergency, residents should call 911, but if they are calling to report storm damage they should call 662-320-7250.

The weather is expected to diminish as the day goes on. Residents can expect little wind, rain and cloud coverage.