What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

Pepper and I were Black Eyed Peas (blackened eyes with the letter P on our shirts) but no one got it! We asked residents to share their favorite Halloween costumes and experiences.

“My most fond memory is that year I went as a ballerina. I had pom poms attached to my gloves. When I reached in the candy bowls, I came out with twice what the others could grab. There was also that year (1998) when I went as the bride of Frankenstein and I wore my wedding dress. Since the marriage didn’t work out so well, I still wanted my Daddy to get his money’s worth. We had to lace it up the back with shoe laces since I had mysteriously expanded a bit over the years.”
— Emily Jones

Parker and my favorite costumes were at the annual law school Halloween party. I was Dorothy with Toto, and Parker was Mr. Clean. He likes to find a good bald guy!
— Lindsey Wiseman

My senior year of high school I was Sarah Palin, my glasses and hers are almost identical. It was scary how much we resembled each other!
— Paige Watson

My favorite costume was either a ghost because back in the 50s —an old bed sheet would work, just cut some holes in it, drop it over your head and off you go. We also went as hobos who were riding the rails back in those days. A pair of daddy’s old pants, a wore out shirt, a cap, and some old brogans of daddy’s and off we went.
We didn’t have any of this store bought stuff. We were too poor. But we did go Trick or Treating down to Artesia. We always carried soap to do everyone’s windows. Who could afford toilet paper- we were still using the Sears Catalogue. It was a bunch of fun and we got lots of free candy, which was great.
— Dottie Dewberry

I just remember one (bad) thing. When I was 13, I was trick or treating and jumped off someone’s front porch and sprained my ankle! Then I hobbled around for the next few weeks. It’s unfortunately the only memory that I have of Halloween!
— Nancy Hargrove

My favorite costume as a child was a mummy because no one could tell it was me, it kept me warm and I got to cut up old sheets with my mom.
— Tammy R. Carlisle

I remember a two-costume Halloween: whatever it was, I must have found the initial outfit particularly cumbersome, because in the middle of our rounds I stopped at the house and dumped it. I then continued my trick-or-treating in street clothes, claiming to be the Six Million Dollar Man. Nobody bought it.
— Jay Reed

I love and adore Halloween! I always wanted to be a gypsy! I became a wondering, traveling, care-free gypsy with a long black shirt with red fringe on the bottom of it. I wore a red, red blouse, and lots of long black beads. I got a long black wig, and put red, red lipstick on my lips. I wore black boots with red bows, and I just knew looked and acted just like a real gypsy. Lets say, “I became a real, living, and breathing gypsy on Halloween night!” A little secret, our three children loved Halloween best of all the holidays we celebrate all year long. When I decorated our big wrap around porch for this Halloween, I thought of their great affection for this holiday and mine too. So, I’ll be a gypsy this year, and “Boo to each one of you too!”
— Carole Elizabeth McReynolds Davis

My favorite holiday is Halloween. It begins all the fun of having friends and relatives visit. Halloween was the prelude to Thanksgiving and Christmas and the special treats associated with those holidays..
My mom always designed and made our costumes. We were always surprised at what she came up with. Someone was always a princess. I always got to be a bearded hobo. My older sister was dressed in a Poodle Skirt most years and our baby was a mummy until she started crying about the tight fit of her bandages. One year two of us were Lucy and Desi.
Because there were four of us, all girls, my dad always went out with us. We would run from house to house getting as many treats as we could. We knew which neighbors gave out the best treats, the most treats and the homemade treats. Mrs. Carney always made camel apples, Mrs. Fox made some gooey Swedish cookie that my dad would always take out of our bags— he was just “checking them” for us. I never tasted one of those cookies!
The best homemade treat came from the Polinas house and included popcorn balls and a delicious sugar, honey and nut cookie and then the baklava from the Corodimas house.
We were so fortunate to have such wonderful neighbors. We could easily make ourselves sick with all the sweets.
The area that we went trick or treating in was within a six block radius of our house.
There were three Haunted Houses.
One was at the Lutheran Church where teens would gather and scare all the little kids who would brave the haunted house, another was at the Boy Scout Building. Even today I can remember putting my hand into the bucket of worms (spaghetti noodles) and smell the breath of the ghostly spirits (some dogs dinner I suspect.). Then there was the neighbor house where ghosts and ghouls would pop up out of boxes buried down in the dirt.
Oh, the candy made it all worth while.
The best part was when we would get home. My mom always had a bowl of soup or chili waiting for us. We would sit in the four corners of the living room and put our candy into piles. The covered candy, the open candy, the fruits or vegetables, and the homemade treats. Dad would go through each girls things and then he would hand back the “keepers.”
Now the fun would start as we would begin trading for our individual favorites. I liked everything so I was easily pleased.
Gee!! It was really fun remembering how things were ‘back in the day’. We had a lot more trust. Today we all stick with our church groups and youth groups. My hope is that my grandchildren enjoy this holiday as much as we did.
I look forward to seeing the little ones who have such fun going to their neighbors to say those favorite words Trick or Treat. My two year old grandson is learning the words..he has no idea why!
Have a fun time.
— Geneene Saunders