What to know about Uber in Starkville

Chris Taylor, 62, from Starkville is now a local driver for Uber. The rideshare application launched in the Golden Triangle on Friday. (Photo by Sarah Raines, SDN)
Staff Writer

Uber is rolling through the Golden Triangle, providing opportunities for residents to become drivers and giving the community and its visitors a rideshare option.

Chris Taylor, 62, is a familiar face to many in Starkville. Taylor is the president of the Oktibbeha County NAACP, attends government meetings and is frequently seen at many community events. Now, Taylor has picked up a new role: he has become one of the Golden Triangle's first Uber drivers.

Taylor has joined the Uber team and is providing rides to Starkville visitors and residents in his sky-blue Toyota Sienna. The SDN took a ride with Taylor on Monday and learned about his new role as an Uber driver.

"I just singed up to see how it worked, because I've used it everywhere I've been," Taylor said.

Taylor travels frequently. He just returned from a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. where he said he used Uber to travel. He has also used the app-based rideshare in another recent trip to Atlanta.

"I signed up really just to meet people and earn a little extra cash for my trips," Taylor said.

Though Starkville provides free transportation with the S.M.A.R.T. system, Taylor said it does not always take people to where they need to go when they need to get there. With Uber, users can have a ride around the Golden Triangle ready for them with the push of a button on their Uber app.

Uber announced its launch of business last week and officially started in the Golden Triangle on Friday.

"We look forward to Uber arriving in our community to further contribute to the transportation options that we offer our citizens, students, and guests," Director of Tourism at the Greater Starkville Development Partnership Jennifer Prather said. "Additionally it will provide part-time jobs for residents and students."


To go from the SDN to Davis Wade Stadium was $7.09. For an idea of how the fares across Starkville will be, here are a few fare estimates calculated by Uber.

From Rice Hall on MSU campus to Bin 612, near the center of the Cotton District, is $6.87

From Bully Boulevard on campus, near where most fraternities and sororities are housed, to Walmart Supercenter is $10.62.

From the Starkville Sportsplex to Main Street is $9.55.