Starkville to start Lynn Lane construction

Faith Lifer
Staff Writer

The Starkville Engineering Department will commence a construction project on part of Lynn Lane this week that aims to improve traffic flow along the corridor.

The project includes adding a left turn lane into and a right turn lane out of the primary entrance of the Starkville Sportsplex, a left turn lane onto Industrial park Road at the intersection of Lynn Lane and Industrial park Road and overlaying with striping on Lynn Lane from Louisville Street to Industrial Park Road.

“For those that travel down this corridor a lot, they know that there’s definitely a need there, especially during the peak times of the day,” City Engineer Edward Kemp said. “I believe that these improvements will make this corridor much more effecient and safer.”

Starkville contracted Gregory Construction for the project for approximately $681,000. The project is part of Starkville’s Capital Improvement Program.

“When we had our coordination meeting with our contractor today they indicated that they would probably start putting up construction signs this week,” Kemp said. “Obviously there’s rain expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, so I would not anticipate a whole lot of construction activity (then).”

“As weather cooperates, you’ll see more ongoing activity in the next week or two,” Kemp said.

Gregory Construction will begin the project by installing storm drainage and widening the road for the turn lanes.

“I think they’re planning on starting at the Sportsplex and then moving to Industrial park (Road). They’ll be pouring some curb and gutter on the sides of the road where it’s called for,” Kemp said.

Kemp estimates this first phase of the project could be completed by mid to late February.

“After they do all that construction and put the asphalt base layer down, at the very end, they will come back and overlay the entire roadway from the Industrial park (Road) intersection all the way to Louisville Street,” Kemp said.

Kemp said the overlay will also extend about 150 feet into the Sportsplex entrance. After overlaying, road striping will complete the project.

“The final overlay and striping is probably not going to happen until the spring of 2019,” Kemp said.

Kemp clarified all construction is weather dependent.

“So much about construction this time of year is weather-dependent,” Kemp said. “Here lately we’ve had a whole lot of rain, so if this trend continues this month and the next month, we’ll not be able to make much progress.”

Kemp said Gregory Construction will try to take advantage of the holiday season to quicken construction. While construction is ongoing, Kemp asks for patience.

“We understand that this is a high-use roadway and it will be inconvenient at times for people who use that roadway a lot, especially during construction,” Kemp said. “Understand that, in order to make these improvements, there will be at time delays and inconveniences for the traveling public.”

“We’ll be watching the weather, we’ll be watching the schedule and obviously try to get it done as quickly as we can,” Kemp added. “but we also want a very high-quality, finished product so we’ll make sure that all of the construction standards are being met for that.”

Kemp asks that any construction- related issues or concerns be directed to Gregory Construction project Superintendent Lonnie Moore, who can be reached at 662-328-2225.

The road improvements on Lynn Lane lie within Ward 2 Alderman Sandra Sistrunk’s ward.

“I’m very excited about the project getting done ... It was time for paving it and it gave us an opportunity to look at improvements,” Sistrunk said. “It’s just a road that has grown past what it was originally built for.”

“I think (the improvements) will make the whole street function better for people who live in that area and people who travel on that street,” Sistrunk concluded. “It'’s a great project.”